I’m Owen. I’m a father, writer, and CEO. I enjoy new places, video games, economics, large anonymous crowds, used bookstores, sparsely populated shopping malls, parties, solitude and public transport.

A normal weekday cross-section consists of insomniac sleep until I give in and write with the sun coming up, a couple hours of meetings at the office, a call with my daughter, working lunch, a few more meetings, emails, leave the office in the dark, and a movie or a book before feeling tired enough to collapse back to sleep. That’s a normal day. More and more, I don’t have many of those.

I travel a lot. I've become adept at turning knee-breaking spaces into creative isolation. The hours between takeoff and landing have become my most efficient writing periods. When I fly to Germany, which is often, the eight-hour flights result in more pages than I produce the rest of the month. I don't recommend writing in the gaps of life, but I've adapted my process to meet my circumstances.

When I became a father, I learned to question human nature. From business, I learned that getting the things I strived for in life weren’t the answers that I thought they would be. I’ve spent a lot of time stumbling around, and I’ve come to believe that moments when people can communicate with each other in a way that makes them feel less alone, matter deeply. It’s as close as I’ve come to the human condition. Sometimes, my personal and professional lives find an outlet in my writing. But usually, my writing is its own.

When I’m home, I’m in Denver.