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Cliched video gaming rants and insightful parallels from our universe to the digital realm. Stay up late to read/play this.  Let’s go 


I am currently working on my first novel for publication and releasing a number of short stories.

coming home
This story examines the indolent absences within an affluent son’s relationship with his family, circumstances and self amidst his combated attempts to exert connectivity that further displaces him from the one thing he seeks - home. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  

Contracts examines the evolution of perceived meaning for a house of worship, when the believers - so few and far between - no longer seek out its existence, but are still tied to its committed obsolescence. Let’s go 

59 minutes in germany
This short, flash-fiction style story encapsulates the complexity of balancing life and the eternal quest for stasis. Just when one item comes together, you find yourself increasingly behind, racing for a finish that is unresolved in itself. Let’s go 

back to ohio
Back to Ohio is a short story I penned about a distanced father attempting to find a purposeful connection with his toddler daughter over a long weekend visit. This story captures the conflicted state of love one feels as a distanced parent, and the continuous attempts to create - and re-create - meaningful connections when access and foundations are irresolute. Coming Soon 